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Athlete Classes

Cross-Training Opportunities

EliteFit & HIIT4Elite

Many high level athletes and sports teams look to supplement their training regimen with other fitness activities. At Fit4, we work hard with athletes of all experience levels and fitness goals. Our prior work with various hockey teams & the Ottawa Redblacks has allowed us to design conditioning programs that compliment a teams already intensive workout/training regimen.


Working alongside coaches and athletes, we develop a 45 minute private class tailored to a teams needs. Each training session supports cross training through intense fitness and/or martial arts workouts. Keep individuals focused & challenged, expand skills, and enhance teamwork, while investing in their success.

Membership Packages

Find the best fit for you

Once a Week




**No Contract**

1 - Group Fitness Class per Week

1 - Full Day Fitness Room Access/Week

1 - 30 Minute Sauna Session/Bi-Weekly

*Membership for 2 - $69 Bi-Weekly





**No Contract**

Unlimited Group Fitness Classes

Unlimited Fitness Room Access

1 - 30 Minute Sauna Session/Weekly

*Membership for 2 - $119 Bi-Weekly

Fitness Private Class

45 Minute Session


Per Person

**Min 10, Max 30

1 - Personalized Training Session

1 Free Week of group classes per person

Ongoing Membership Discount

*Max Price = $200/session

Save 10% Off all new membership packages


Promo Ends January 15th 2022, Partner Deals Not Included. Register Now Here 

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