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Fit4 is a new, fresh, & fun Fitness & Wellness program in Ottawa's west end.

We are excited to bring adaptive fitness programs to families, kids, & adults aged 3 years and up. Ever changing circuit style programs allow for modifications, adjustments, and varying levels of intensity, to meet every individuals health & fitness goals.

New to our facility for Fall 2021, is the addition of open fitness hours, personal training equipment, and our Rest & Recovery services. Heal your body physically and mentally with our calming Sauna & Massage Rooms. 

Fitness Classes

Enjoy a sense of community with our adaptive fitness programs designed for kids and adults ages 3 and up, all levels of experience.

Personal Training

Personal fitness training available for various goals and/or challenges including athlete competition, health or injury limitations, beginners, and more.

Wellness & Recovery

Take advantage or our specialty rooms, for uses that include massage, meditation, and sauna, as well as our members only social section.




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Featured Classes

Learn More About Our New & Upcoming Programs


Adult classes inclusive of all experience levels, made individually adaptive to foster growth and counter restrictions.


Keep kids active in our new program focused on training through obstacle courses, parkour, and warrior inspired programming.


Book exclusive training time for your sports or corporate team, and have the class designed to meet your specific goals.


Specifically created for youth and adult athletes looking for a greater push, bigger challenges, and to get competition ready.

Featured Services

Infrared Sauna Sessions

Massage & Meditate


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